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Aperture Conference

About Aperture Conference:
The inaugural 2-day Aperture Australia conference, at Sydney’s International Conference Centre in 2018 attracted 625 amateur & professional photographers from far and wide. The event comprised a series of presentations from highly acclaimed photographers across a variety of genres One of the presenters was Ken Duncan, who spoke about his photographic journey.
‘‘Aperture Australia was like no other event I’ve had the pleasure to speak at,’ said Ken. “There was something really special about the atmosphere at Aperture Australia. It was a unique event that did not just appeal to professional photographers, but anyone with an interest in photography in general. It brought together such a large and diverse crowd of photography enthusiasts, professionals and hobbyists who were captivated by the speakers’ stories.
“I got so much out of listening to the other speakers. And it’s great that people get to hear the real stories behind the journey of a photographer. This is something the photography industry in Australia has never seen before.”
This is a recording of Ken Duncan’s presentation at Aperture Australia 2018.
• Please note: For copyright reasons, Ken’s One Country audio-visual is not included in this recording.

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Meet the instructor

Ken Duncan

Iconic Australian landscape photographer, Ken Duncan, has been making a living from photography for over 40 years. His artworks are owned and loved by people all over the world. Ken is passionate about the art of photography and about demystifying the craft to help people take stunning photos. You can see the wide range of Ken’s prints and products on his website ( 
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